Friday, March 1, 2019

Some weird -- or may not -- headlines of the day

"Talented Democrats Are All Running for President. It's a Problem". It's a Bloomberg opinion piece, but it still made me laugh at the choice of the word "talented." 

Then it goes to discuss two democrat candidates from Texas, who I guess are going to run for President (which Democrat isn't), because they can't win local Texas elections. 

These, and all the current Democratic hopefuls, are not talented. They are just popular with left-wing liberals. 

Here's some other scary stuff to make you glad it's TGIF.

A recession? Financial advisers say it's right around the corner — or not (This from a publication that is written for Certified Financial Advisors).  The sub head reads: A case can be made that the economy is headed for an imminent slowdown or still has some juice left. If this is the best analysis CFA can come up with, caveat emptor.

New York City Experienced Worst Decline in Restaurant Jobs since 9/11 After $15 Minimum Wage Win
Every economist in the U.S. predicted this would happen, just as it's happening in Seattle, which did the same thing. Oh...except for our left-wing NYT "writer" Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize withstanding. But then, we all know what a Nobel means these days after Obama got his for basically doing nothing. 

Why Do Millennials Want Socialism?
Take one guess. Our education system that teaches capitalism is a bad and unfair system.

California's Rendezvous With Reality
Used to be said that as California goes, so does the rest of the country. Hope not. 

Here's another educated lecture from the same author about California, who happens to be a professor at Stanford and a California native. 

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