Friday, May 17, 2019

The Green New Deal: Bad Policy

The Austin City Council recently voted to endorse the Green New Deal. Most idiotic thing I've heard in some time. This "policy" is based on ignorance, plain and simple. 

From the Texas Public Policy Foundation:
Writing in Forbes, Jude Clemente points out five practical problems with the Green New Deal, including the spacing needs for renewables, their unreliability and the fate of humans who are denied access to cheap, dependable energy. 
“I’m only going to mention cows, airplanes, tearing down homes and buildings, railroads from the West coast to Hawaii, a $93 trillion price tag, and a hundred other things that you can do your own research on,” Clemente writes. “I’m going to limit my focus here: not a bash fest but a reality check. We need it… The quiet reality: more renewables inevitably mean more fossil fuels.”  
The TPPF Take: Advocates of the Green New Deal (and similar legislative efforts) must face facts—the plans are unworkable. 
“The Green New Deal and its many counterparts surfacing in city council chambers across the country aren’t just expensive, they’re impossible to implement,” said TPPF’s Jason Isaac. “Even if they would help the environment, wind and solar power just aren’t powerful or reliable enough to fuel the largest economy in the world. But then again, we all know the Green New Deal isn’t about the environment— it’s about signing over control of the American people’s lives to the federal government.”

 For more detail, read "The Green New Deal is a Government Takeover, Not an Environmental Policy." 

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