Friday, August 9, 2019

Wealth Is a Result -- Not a Purpose

On Quora, I came across the following answer to the question "How easy is it to become wealthy and successful?" The answer was written by Axel Schultze, and is worth considering -- actually, put some thought into what he has to say.
  • Success and wealth have absolutely nothing to do with education, experience, circumstances you are born into… About half of the super rich had nothing to start with.
  • Our mindset determines the outcome of our action. If your goal in life is to get rich, the likelihood of getting rich is extremely small. And why should you? And if that would help, everybody on the planet would be rich. BUT - if your goal in life is to solve a problem that very many people have and all you can think of is to find a solution for THEM, you will find that solution and that makes you rich.
  • 90%+ will never believe that those who made it all the way to the top, never cared about money. But the wealthy in this world know that wealth is coming with success almost automatically and success is the fulfillment of your very personal dream. In 500 BC, Confucius wrote: Seek an engagement you wholeheartedly love and you will never work a day in your life.
  • After living by that mantra I made a little twist to make it more easy to understand: Do something that you really love and find people who love what you do. The resolution of this inherits actually the reason why: If you can help 100 people you have an opportunity to get a reward from 100 people. If you help 100,000 people you have an opportunity to get a reward from 100,000 people and most likely a reference from them to reach maybe even another 100,000 people.
  • Wealth is a result - not a purpose. Look for your purpose and enjoy the result. This has been written in thousands of books. It did not made a lot of people wealthy but it fed their minds and they felt happy. The only ones who got rich were those who understood and maybe if he or she reached millions of people (making them feel good).
  • Why is it so easy? Because you can simply start with nothing. Why are so little number of people successful and wealthy? Because they continuously hope to find a shortcut to wealth, which obviously not exist, and they they are busy doing so all their life.
  • Any day you look for a way to get wealthy is a lost day. Any day you work on an idea to help other people solve their problems you get a day closer to fulfillment and wealth.
Hope it helps. I started with nothing, never worked a day in my life.

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