Sunday, September 1, 2019

What I'm Reading Today

Luke Skywalker to Yoda. "I'm not afraid."
Yoda to Luke: "But you will be. You will be."

If you pay attention to the news, it's hard not to be a little bit fearful, or at least concerned. But the world has always been a dangerous place. So don't think things are worse today than in the past. In many ways, they are much, much better.

But we still have problems. We still need to attend to our surroundings.

Here's why Warren Buffett's record $122 billion cash pile could be a worrying sign for stock markets
Warren Buffett's mountain of cash may be a warning to investors that stocks are overvalued and that a crash is around the corner.

Christian scriptures described as “corrupted” while the Koran contains the “pure” word of God.

To take back America, we need to take back the schools
The fact that socialists are openly running for public office in America — that socialists actually hold public office in Congress — should serve as enough wakeup call that the nation’s moral and political compasses are skewed, in dire need of correcting.

Rejecting hijab dooms woman to 24 years in prison
The oppression of women continues in the Muslim world. 

Schwab Market Perspective: Storm Clouds Building
The theme to our 2019 outlook was “be prepared” and we continue to see some clouds forming on the horizon.

As Recession Fears Rise, Here's the Lowdown for Real Estate
It seems that whenever you pick up a newspaper or turn on the news these days, a scary word hits you in the face: "recession."

Confessions of an Anthropogenic Global Warming Fatalist
I’m neither an alarmist nor a skeptic when it comes to anthropogenic global warming, or AGW.

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