Thursday, August 2, 2018

Analyzing Trades

Why I do my own chart interpretations, though I can be wrong too...But not 75% of the time
This article was published at 11:54 AM CDT Aug 1, 2018 (
Are you chasing green and red bars during the trading session and hading [sic]  most of what could be profits to your brokerage in commisions [sic]? Well, if you are a misdirected futures trader, the index futures can play havoc in a small trading account even if you are are with a futures only broker who give you $500/contract intraday margins. It is for this reason that we worked for years to develop a system that would eliminate the guess work from factors like earnings noise, the commotion from news and even tweets to help keep traders on the right side of the market. It is not witchcraft or black magic - just simple technical analysis. In last weeks forecast we informed you that we were heading lower this week. We did not say, probably lower or most likely lower, but simply that we are headed lower.
Here is our calls for today just a few markets should do it for you if you trade without over leveraging. Visit us at and fill out the contact form.
Partial list of instruments presented here:
ES: Never reached entry. 
YM: Entry never reached
RTY: Entry reached 8/2 about 3 am. Subsequent rally to 1685. This wold have been a loss
CL (Oil). the hardest of them all to trade. This would have been a short-term gain of about $1,.000, but if held, would now be a loss of $900. I guess $100 is better than nothing. 
Morale of the story. "it's on the Internet, so it must be true.

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