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Recommended listening and some car buying advice

Your car should be a mobile classroom. 

Have you ever heard of Tony Robbins? If not, Google him. He's worth about $400 million, I think.

Who was Tony's mentor and good friend? 

Jim Rohn.

This CD needs to be a part of your audio library.

The Challenge to Succeed

If you can't find it in a library or used book store, the $40 to $50 is a good investment.

Most of the same material is here, but please don't watch in your car.

In fact, I recommended you do both. *** I don't mean watch and listen in your car. Watch the video at home, listen to the CD in the car (or you can buy a digital download). 

I can hear it now. I don't have time to watch or listen to something that is four hours long. Cry me a river. Let me tell you something. You don't have time NOT to listen. Break it up into 15-minute segments and turn off the damned TV.

My car is too old to have a USB port for a digital version, but it still runs well, is a nice big four-door Buick sedan, and I have no car payment. I've taken care of it, have 150,000 miles on it, and the dealer says if I continue to take care of it, and should get another 100,000.  I also save on the higher insurance premiums I'd pay on a new car. I still get 32-34 mpg on the highway (depending on if I get a nice tail wind). Why would I buy a new car just for a USB player? Or for any of the new do-dads. I still get where I'm going. 

Many people love to run out and get that shiny new car. Like having the latest iPhone. Got to have a new car!!!. But why pay thousands in interest on an asset that eventual is worth $0, pay higher insurance rates, and thousands in interest. Why? Only if you're a dumb ass or your only car just became usable. Then buy a used one. A one or two-year-old car will save you thousands. If you're car is paid for, put the monthly payment in a new car fund. 

My next car will be a one- or two-year-old certified car, and I'll be paying cash for it. You can do it too.

In the meantime, I'm earning interest on my future "car payment." Not paying interest. Do the math. A $35,000 new car on a 60-month term at 6% (if you can get it) will actually cost you $40,599). And you'll have a monthly payment of $677 and the bank actually owns the car for the next FIVE years. 

I'm done with that game! You are the LOSER. The bank is the WINNER. I want to be a WINNER.

If you think you'll need a newish car in three to five years, start making the payments now, but to yourself. 

And please, listen to the audio and video recordings above. Today. 


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