Saturday, July 18, 2020

Homeowners Associations: Beware, Be Careful

I have put together a series of resources and videos on Homeowners Associations. I focus on Texas, but these laws and procedures are common in many states. I've tried to be "neutral" and not just focus on the negatives of HOAs, as there are some benefits to these organizations. Most of the videos simply deal with your rights as a homeowner. 

Many states have a state agency that regulates or monitors HOAs. However. Texas does not. 

Here are some other resources that might be useful:

HOA Litigation in Texas (4:00)

He mentions Right of Redemption in reference to foreclosure: The right of redemption, in the law of real property, is the right of a debtor whose real property has been foreclosed upon and sold to reclaim that property if they are able to come up with the money to repay the amount of the debt. In Texas, it's 180 days. 

Homeowner's Rights vs HOAs (Houston TV 8; 26 Minutes)

You may own it, but if you're one of nearly 60 million Americans living in communities run by homeowners'associations—you may find you don't have the freedom to do everything you would like on your own property. Homeowners' associations are nonprofit organizations formed to manage common areas in a neighborhood, or community. They keep the area neat and clean, provide security and recreational facilities, and maintain streets. But critics say the enforcement practices of some associations are stepping on homeowners' rights, with foreclosure ability being their most controversial power. 

While some say it is a critical tool in their operation, others feel it has been taken too far. What are we truly buying when we purchase a home? What rights do we have? How much control should an HOA have? And where should the line be drawn? 

What You Need to Know About HOA Documents!

Every HOA (homeowners association) has set of governing documents often called a "resale package" in real estate practice. Let's review what you need to know about HOA documents, they go far beyond simply the rules of the community!

HOA law loophole leaves some homeowners powerless

PROS & CONS of Buying A Home With a HOA

Pros and Cons of a Home Owners Association

Don't Buy a Home with an HOA Until You Watch This

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