Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Inflation in at 9.1 percent. Nothing to see, says Biden

More than half of all Americans weren’t even alive the last time prices rose at this pace of 9.1%. Yet Democrats say dam the torpedoes and full speed ahead with another $1 trillion tax and spend bill. Stimulus is a large part of what caused this runaway inflation to begin with. I wonder why they don't get it. 

Biden remarked that the data was backward looking, that June's numbers didn't reflect the drop in oil prices in July. Nothing to worry about. These aren't the droids you're looking for. OMG. All data is backward looking; otherwise, its a projection or prediction, or just a wild ass guess. Even the Carter administration didn't have this level of incompetence. 

This is a scary bunch ruling Washington these days. November can’t get here soon enough

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