Friday, September 29, 2023

Border in Crisis (It's an Invasion)

Eagle Pass is the latest Texas town to be overwhelmed by our border crisis. It has 28,000 residents, two hospitals, and a police force of 100 people. Thousands of migrants are arriving in the town every day. Mayor Rolando Salinas issued a disaster declaration. Over just three days of this crisis, three migrants died near the crossing, including a three-year-old. Migrants are overwhelming the border because the Biden administration dismantled the web of executive orders and the remain-in-Mexico policy that successfully stopped the crisis under the last administration. The new amnesty for Venezuelans will not improve matters. This humanitarian disaster is a choice Biden made. (National Review, Sept 28, 2023)

Eagle Pass, Texas

The continuing incursion of illegal border crossers into the United States is the most astonishing story in American politics. There have been days recently in which 10,000 people crossed illegally into the country -- and remember, in a long-ago era, when Barack Obama was president, a tenth of that was considered a crisis.

The current emergency can be attributed entirely to President Joe Biden. In word and deed, from the 2020 campaign on, Biden sent a message to would-be illegal border crossers around the world: If you come to the United States, you will be allowed to stay. And millions have.

Lately, though, Biden's welcome-to-illegal-crossers policy has become a burden on some important Democrats. New York City Mayor Eric Adams is screaming about the arrival of an estimated 110,000 new asylum seekers in his city. The cost of caring for the new residents will "destroy New York City," Adams said. And even though Adams tried to blame Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott for sending illegal border crossers to New York, the fact is that Abbott has sent just 13,000. In any event, the presence of all 110,000 in New York is the result of Biden policies.

Biden Officials: What Crisis?

“Orderly” and “humane.” That’s how White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre describes the Biden administration’s handling of illegal immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico border. Others within the Biden administration have denied there’s a crisis at all, insisted the border is secure, and said everything is under “operational control.”

For many in the mainstream media, along with Democrats on Capitol Hill and others on Team Biden, all this is said to be true without any scrutiny or grounding in reality. Yet, the Biden border narrative collapses entirely with just one look at what’s actually happening at the border.

Recently, Townhall’s Julio Rosas traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border to report on the reality of what’s going on and, unsurprisingly, it’s not at all what the Biden administration — including Border Czar Kamala “Do Not Come” Harris — is trying to get the American people to believe.

On the ground in Eagle Pass, Texas, Julio saw first-hand and reported on the thousands of illegal immigrants surging into the United States within a matter of hours, surpassing the capacity of processing facilities that have already been expanded in attempts to handle the ongoing surge of illegal immigrants since Biden’s border policies kicked in.

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