Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ignore the noise, follow the markets

I tend to ignore the noise of the news when it comes to investing. Talking heads on TV, opinions of market "experts" and predictions from gurus just confuse the issues. 

I follow the market. It makes me a technical guy. So be it. I do pay attention to some fundamentals. For example, I don't invest in a company that doesn't make money, no matter how crazy investors get. Take Tesla, for example. Won't touch it. 

Talk is cheap. The market is going to do what the market does. Millions of buyers and sellers dictate markets. Guys like Jim Cramer on Mad Money might make a ton of money, but he doesn't know where the market is going any more than you or I do. 

It's big institutional money that drives markets. So if you're a long-term investor, just pay attention to the trend, and invest in the broad market. You really need to know what you're doing to invest for shorter term gains. 

The market is generally like an escalator, with you playing with a yo-yo as you ride it. The little ups and downs don't mean anything. Pay attention to whether you're on the up or down escalator.

Right now, we're on an up escalator, but we're getting close to the top. Can't see the top, but be ready to get off.  

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