More thoughts from the late Jim Rohn

If you want the future to change for you, you have to change. 

How to get whatever you want: Ask

Ask intelligently: Set goals. Asking is the beginning of receiving.

Goals must be written. Be specific. You must write your plan.

Success is not in short supply. It isn't rationed. It's like an ocean. If that's true, what's the problem? Some people go to the ocean with a teaspoon. 

Believe you can get what you want like a child. Ask with faith.

You won't get everything you want, but if you work at goals you will get plenty.

Resolve: Promising yourself you'll never give up.

Attitude disease: Indifference

Attitude disease: Doubt

Attitude disease: Worry

Attitude disease: Overcaution

Attitude disease: Pessimism

Attitude diseases: Complaining

Our lives are affected mostly by the way we think things are, not how they actually are.

Everything begins with thought.


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