Friday, November 22, 2019

Seven Facts (or Myths) About Investing

Putting money in the market and hoping for the best. Most advisors will tell you that. I have actually been told that by a financial advisor, that I should always be fully invested. I did not hire him. I actually don't need a financial advisor. Neither do you if you learn the principles.

Phil Town presents the following video on facts and myths about investing.

He asks the following questions, and provides some insight. Well worth the 12 minutes.

1. True or False? The stock market always goes up in the long run.

2. True or False? Those few people who beat the market in the long run only do so because they have either studied hard or have above-average IQs.

3. True or False? Real estate does not need to be part of everyone's portfolio.

4. True or False? Risk and reward in the stock market are related. If you want a higher return, then you must be willing to take more risks.

5. True or False? The best way to offset the risk of investing in the stock market is to diversify across a large number of stocks.

6. True or False? A broad market mutual fund is the best choice for a low-risk retirement account like a 401(k) or an IRA.

7. True or False? Almost no one beats the market in the long run.

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