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Politics do have consequences. How people vote and who people vote for has consequences. The policies supported by politicians and government officials have consequences. Economic and personal consequences.

Rap Sheet: 389 Media-Approved Hate Crimes Against Trump Supporters

Violence against Trump supporters is surging of late, so Breitbart News is updating its list of credibly reported hate crimes against Trump supporters since September 2015.


Americans Don't Know Their Own History

The Wealth Tax Horror: It's wrong, it's bad policy, and it won't work

Perhaps no policy proposal has generated more excitement among Democratic voters looking toward the 2020 election than Elizabeth Warren’s “wealth tax”—a tax on the actual balance-sheet worth of wealthy Americans, above and beyond the taxes imposed on their incomes. The idea that some Americans do not pay enough taxes, and therefore need to be taxed annually on their wealth itself and not just on the income the wealth produces, has gained popularity in recent years.

Social Liberal Is Silenced Over Belief That There Are ‘Only 2 Sexes’

(The Daily Signal, 23 January 2020) Jon Caldara, a regular columnist for The Denver Post, announced Jan. 17 in a Facebook post that the publication had fired him for his traditional, but apparently offensive and “insensitive,” beliefs about sex and gender.

Democratic voters won’t support 2020 candidates who oppose school choice

(Washington Examiner, 24 January 2020) Ten days out from the pivotal Iowa caucuses, a new poll further emphasizes that when it comes to school choice, Democrats are blatantly disregarding the wishes of key constituencies in favor of special interests.

Martin Weissgerber, a Bernie Sanders field organizer, is now the second staffer to be caught praising and put counter-revolutionaries in prison.

Another Bernie Staffer Allegedly Promotes Violence: Kill The Rich, Put Republicans In Camps

(The Daily Wire, 21 January 2020). “Let’s force them (billionaires) to build roads … rebuild our roads, rebuild our dams, rebuild our bridges. Let’s force them to do that.”
“Well, the gulags were founded as re-education camps. … What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the re-education camps.”

Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘There Will Be NO ONE Defending’ Trump on MSNBC

(mrcNewsBusters, 16 January 2020) In a rare moment of candor, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell admitted what the network has become: An echo chamber that won’t accept debate. Appearing Sunday on The Al Franken Podcast, O’Donnell disputed the idea that CNN “hates Trump.” The host contrasted, “On MSNBC there will be no one defending [Trump] because we don’t bring on liars. I don’t bring on a liar. I won’t do that.”

No diversity of thought allowed here.

To Keep African Americans Safe, Target Criminals, Not Police

(The Daily Signal, 15 January 2020) Leftists and social justice warriors charge that what blacks have to fear most is being shot and killed by police, but the numbers don't add up.

Democrats Block Resolution Condemning Iran For Murdering Protesters, Shooting Down Plane

(The Daily Wire, 14 January 2020) House Democrats blocked a resolution on Tuesday that expressed support for oppressed Iranian protesters and condemned Iran for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane last week that killed 176 people.

How Obamacare Made Things Worse for Patients With Preexisting Conditions

(The Daily Signal, 14 January 2020) Nationwide, one-quarter of the cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute participate in no Obamacare plans.

Parents Challenge ‘Radical’ LGBT Curriculum in New Jersey Schools

(The Daily Signal, 13 January 2020) “Gender ideology has brainwashed my son and erased his childhood,” says Crystal Lopez. “My son now thinks he is really a girl. The curriculum that is being implemented is really harmful and is meant to confuse our children.”

Democrats And The Media Are Blaming America Because Iran Shot Down A Passenger Plane. This Is Beyond Despicable.

(The Daily Wire, 9 January 2020). For days after Trump ordered the strike on global mass killer Qassem Soleimani, Democrats and the media heaped praise and adulation on the dead terrorist while fretting that the president had inaugurated World War 3. Perhaps “fretting” isn’t the right word. “Hoping” might be more apt.

And when Iran began launching missiles at our bases in Iraq, these same people assured us that the dreaded – or longed for – moment had finally arrived. But when that attack claimed no American casualties, caused little damage, and was revealed to be nothing but a symbolic face-saving measure by Iran, we were told that the benevolent Iranians were being “the adults in the room.”

Also see: The Democrat's Hatred of President Trump and America Itself is Appalling.

Rep. Will Hurd: Iran is not a victim

(Washington Examiner, 8 January 2017) After almost a decade as an undercover officer in the CIA serving in the Middle East and South Asia, I never thought I would see the Iranian government be able to manipulate members of Congress, Democratic presidential candidates, and the Western media.

Qassem Soleimani was the head of the most dangerous and well-armed terrorist organization in the world. Taking him out was an appropriate response after all the Iranian government and its proxies have done over the past few months, and it was a significant blow to the Iranian regime’s ability to conduct future terrorist attacks.

The Hypocrisy of the Liberal Left

(Washington Examiner, 27 August 2020) The liberal Left is steeped in moral relativism and relies on its Platonic elitism to such a degree that it fails to recognize its blatant hypocrisy.

Leftists such as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and even former President Barack Obama often tell us that the rich are too rich or that some people can have too much. Obama even suggested that "There's only so much you can eat," implying that any more than a full stomach is too rich within the United States....

Their bankrupt political ideology demands division. Their theme is always “us vs. them.” Unity of purpose, culture, nationhood, and citizenship undermine the socialist dogma that permeates their respective interpretations of liberal political ideology.

The Perpetually Conflicted Democrats Are Distraught Over American Victories 

(Townhall, 4 January 2020) The Democrats are absolutely devastated. They were certain that President Trump would start a war with Iran, but instead he’s keeping the rogue regime in line using tactics that would never occur to any Democrat.

The Democratic Party has always been uncomfortable with the notion of America winning, and their irrational, undying hatred of Donald Trump makes it even harder for liberals to process the news that a U.S. airstrike took out the general in charge of Iran’s elite Quds Force, Qassim Soleimani. The leading Democratic presidential candidates, for instance, had to resort to some fairly awkward rhetorical contortions in response to this undeniable victory for the Free World.

What the Founders Actually Thought About Slavery

(The Daily Signal, 2 January 2020) One of the ironies of the current American “elite” is that, rather than actually being elite, they have the smug self-assurance of knowing much that isn’t so.

Recently, a video surfaced of South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a Harvard University graduate and Rhodes scholar, explaining to a group of high school students why the Constitution has an amendment process.

He was correct to say that the Framers created a process to change the Constitution in the future, but then followed up with this profoundly absurd statement: “The people who wrote the Constitution did not understand that slavery was a bad thing.”

There’s much to unpack in this short, wildly incorrect sentence. It reflects both the kind of pernicious education Americans receive in schools across the country as well as the mindset of the progressive elite.

America just took out a man many consider the world’s No. 1 bad guy

(CNBC, 2 January 2020) The killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani doesn’t have the emotional power of the takedown of Osama bin Laden, but taking him out means much more in terms of saving current lives, writes opinion columnist Jake Novak.

Seattle Passed a $15 Minimum Wage Law in 2014. Here's How It's Turned Out So Far 

(CNBC, 2 January 2020) The conflicting studies highlight a broader debate about what a $15 federal minimum wage might do for businesses and workers nationwide. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell even touched on the issue during his testimony before the House of Representatives this summer saying. “there is no consensus among economists … economists are all over the place on this."

The Dangers of Elite Groupthink

(Daily Signal, 2 January 2020) The Washington Post recently published a surprising indictment of MSNBC host, Stanford graduate, and Rhodes scholar Rachel Maddow.

Post media critic Erik Wemple wrote that Maddow deliberately misled her audience by claiming the now-discredited Steele dossier was largely verifiable—even at a time when there was plenty of evidence that it was mostly bogus.

(mrcNewsBusters, 2 January 2020) For all the media brouhaha over an imminent recession in 2019, President Donald Trump’s economy has continued to stupefy prognosticators going into the new year.
The Wall Street Journal reported Jan. 1 in a piece headlined “The Bull Market is Charging into 2020,” that stocks across the globe “closed out one of their best years over the past decade, defying money managers who began 2019 expecting the bull market to be upended by threats from the U.S.-China trade fight and a slowdown in growth.” Stock indexes in the U.S., as well as Brazil and Germany, were up more than 20 percent in 2019. The Journal noted that unlike prior runs of this sort, “few see the rally ending soon.” And CNBC reported Dec. 31, 2019 that “Goldman Sachs is saying the economy is nearly recession-proof”.

(Imprimis, November 2019) Today many condemn the idea of nationalism by connecting it to race hatred (e.g., white nationalism). But historically, the modern nation-state has proven uniquely suitable to preserving individual rights. The American nation in particular was successful in uniting individuals of different races, ethnic backgrounds, and creeds into one people based on shared principles, a unique physical space, and a common national story. Our nation is the best example in human history of positive nationalism.

California’s Latest Act of Idiocy: Killing Freelance Work 

(Daily Signal, 20 December 2019) A new California law set to go into effect in the new year is the latest example of misguided legislation hurting the very people it was aimed to “protect” in the Golden State.

The law, Assembly Bill 5, puts severe restrictions on who is qualified to be an independent contractor or freelancer. The law puts heavy restrictions on how much work freelancers can do before being considered full-time workers. 


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