Monday, July 16, 2018

13 Lies Keeping You Poor

A good read at Lauren Greutman's blog. These are points you need to consider seriously. 
1. You need to make car payments.
2. You need a bigger house.
3. There's no point in budgeting when you don't make much money.
4. You can't invest.
5. Your kids will be emotionally harmed if you don't take them to Disney every year.
6. You kids will be emotionally harmed if you don't get them an iPhones.
7. You need to buy all organic or your family will be unhealthy.
8. Once you get a raise, everything will be fine.
9. You can start saving for retirement later.
10. You can't afford to give to charity.
11. You are stuck in your current financial situation.
12. Your job sucks.
13. Your home is a good investment. 

Read the full article by Lauren Greutman at her blog.

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