Sunday, October 7, 2018

Weekly summary of stock markets

(Note: I will attempt to do this on weekends, but I can make no promises. This week focuses on long term weekly charts.  These charts are easily available on the internet.  Try or I generally track markets using ETFs, which contain those stocks in the indexes. And it makes it easy to buy the market like stock. ETFs are DIA (Dow Jones), SPY (SP500), QQQ (Nasdaq), IWM (Russell 2000). 

Long-term trends (Weekly Charts)
Notice the weakness in small caps (IWM and QQQ) vs. large caps (DIA and SPY). May indicate a new trend. Or it may indicate a new buying opportunity in small caps. Sorry, but I do not have a crystal ball that predicts the future. Otherwise, in my opinion, if you own these markets, I'd hold for now. Kind of expensive right now to buy more large caps. Keep your left-over powder (cash) dry in a nice money market fund.  Mine pays 1.9% and I have about 50 percent in cash right now, but have recently moved a small amount into a SP600 small cap ETF (SLYG). 

Nasdaq (QQQ)

SP500 (SPY)

Russell 2000 (IWM)

Dow Jones 30 (DIA)

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