Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Around and around we go

The Dark Reason So Many Millennials Are Miserable and Broke
From Barron's: You’re not going to like this. Millennials spend more time on social media than older generations: People ages 25-34 spend 141 minutes per day on it, versus 105 for the 35-44 set. And that could be hurting both their finances and mental health.

5 Stocks to Ride the Coming Wave of Millennial Spending
Also from Barron's: This year, the oldest millennials are turning 38—a prime age for young families and household formation. Spending tends to rise with income as consumers reach their late 30s and 40s, and then tapers off in their 50s, according to Census Bureau data. 

Stocks Drop As U.S.-China Trade War Escalates
From Schwab, via Seeking Alpha: Volatility is often a wake-up call for investors who haven't been engaged in their portfolios. If you're not comfortable with your risk level, it may be prudent to dial back the overall risk in your portfolio, while taking into account both short- and long-term goals.

13 Financial Mistakes That Will Haunt You in 10 Years
From EndThrive: Good advice, repeated over and over. The key is just to do it. 

A manufactured crisis
From Townhall: ...Instead, they [Democrats] participate in a cynical game in which they attack the system of checks and balances itself. That's far more dangerous than any action taken by the Trump administration to date. The same Democrats who claim today that they are deeply concerned about the system of checks and balances are proclaiming from the rooftops that they would be happy to shatter the system to facilitate their agenda...

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