Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Christmas Gift for U.S. Taxpayers: Government Waste

Absurd things the U.S. government spends money on. Your money on. And we're more than $23,000,000,000,000 in debt.
  • The NIH and NSF are spending $1.2 million to study online dating habits
  • The State Department is spending $15.825 million on free college for international students
  • USAID is spending $20 million to teach Lao to Laotians.
  • The State Department is spending $2 million to improve TV programming in Moldov
  • The U.S. gave the Asia Foundation, which is "committed to improving lives across Asia" about $17 million. And $16.7 for international fisheries commissions.
  • The National Science Foundation spent $103,777 to teach social scientists how to apply for grants. 
  • The Pentagon sent $2,7 million in surplus military gear to police in Thetford Township, Michigan, population 7,000. 
  • The National Science Foundation spend $650,000 to see if STEM majors benefit from a college program based on social justice

The Federal Government also wasted American's tax dollars as it: 
  • Attempted to increase trust between Tunisian political parties and citizens: $2 million
  • Converted an abondoned mental hospital into DHS HQ: $2.2 billion
  • Supported "Green Growth" in Peru: $10 million
  • Fixed vehicles in New York City falsely claimed Hurricane Sandy damaged: $5.3 million
  • Increased the capacity of the Pakistani film instrustry: $100,000
  • Paid out billions from Medicare in improper payments: $48 billion
  • Taught English and IT skills at Madrassas: $150,000
  • Studied frog mating calls in Panama: $466,991
  • Paid for Goggle Scholar search in Hawaii: $51 million

The list goes on and on...

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