Friday, July 10, 2020

What Biden and the Democrats are supporting

A sampling of policies from the Biden campaign and/or Democratic Party platform (as stated either in writing or by Party members):

End cash bail 
Abolish death penalty 
End solitary confinement 
Give government healthcare to illegals 
Expand welfare for new immigrants 
Expand asylum for all new illegals End border detention

End all travel bans, including from jihadist regions 
Amnesty for all illegals 
Rejoin Paris climate accord 
Eliminate all carbon emissions by 2030 
Free public housing for all former inmates 
Require federal reserve to end racial inequity 
Universal government healthcare

Zero-emissions transport nationwide 
Appoint social justice prosecutors 
Implement “restorative justice” 
End mandatory minimums 
Incentives prison closure 
Penalize “absentee homeowners” to clear way for affordable housing 
Dual language instruction in public schools

Outlaw charter schools that earn a profit 
Place surviving charter schools under control of Washington DC 
Close any remaining charter in financially-distressed districts 
End school choice in DC 
End all federal support for school choice 
End standardized tests

End all immigration enforcement near schools or school commutes (note: thereby shielding MS-13)
“Cultural competency training” for doctors 
Moratorium on all deportations 
End “public charge” rule and repeal underlying law 
Bar immigration requirements on language proficiency

End prosecutions of illegal border crossings
End MPP and other asylum reforms 
End denaturalization of criminals who defrauded US authorities 
Investigate ICE officers and Border Agents 
Expand and accelerate chain migration 
Allow previous deportees to return to the US

Taxpayer-funded lawyers for illegal aliens 
Increase refugee admissions 700 percent 
Work permits for illegal aliens 
Federal student aid for illegals 
Remove caps on foreign stem workers


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