Friday, October 21, 2022

We live in a society full of insufferable narcissists

by Kaylee McGhee White

Reposted from the Washington Examiner

I have written extensively over the past year about the victims of gender ideology: the children and young adults struggling with the normal pangs of maturation who get swept away by a movement that promises them identity and community, and the parents who feel helpless as they desperately try to drag them back to reality.

But let’s be clear about something: Not everyone in this movement is a victim. All you have to do is watch some of the videos highlighted by accounts like Libs of TikTok, and you’ll realize that many of these gender ideologues are unabashed activists who would love nothing more than to shove their crazed distortion of reality down your throat. They know that what they are preaching is nonsensical, and they relish the idea of forcing you to conform to it.

Here’s a perfect example of this kind of narcissism, which runs rampant in leftist circles:

This is a young man who is so obsessed with himself and his new identity that he felt the need to create a video complaining about customers who fail to refer to him by his preferred “they/them” pronouns. Never mind his Adam’s apple and visible male proportions. He expects you to disavow what you’ve seen with your own eyes and submit to his version of reality, in which he’s not a male but a gender-fluid unicorn who has defied the heteronormative patriarchy to reach a new level of diversity and inclusion. As Jeb Bush would say, please clap.

There’s a comedic element to all of this in that it’s so obviously absurd that one wonders whether even the young man is able to take himself seriously. But the thing is, I’m past the point of finding any of this funny. I don’t laugh anymore when I read stories about corporate offices adding ridiculous pronoun options like “fae/faer” and “bun/bunself” to their email signatures, or about how college campuses are overrun with students who expect you to start a conversation by asking, “What are your pronouns?”

And that’s because I recognize videos like this one as the threat that it is. Gender ideologues like this young man don’t want respect or even basic courtesy. They want submission, and they’re determined to get it.

Activists have worked with Big Tech companies to censor and de-platform users who “misgender” people like Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services Rachel Levine. Multiple teachers and professors who have refused to use students’ preferred pronouns have been punished and, in some cases, even fired. Two middle school students in Wisconsin were even subjected to a Title IX complaint for failing to use a peer’s preferred pronouns correctly. And in the United Kingdom, British police warned citizens that they could find themselves at the center of a criminal investigation for misgendering someone.

There is no such thing as the tolerant Left. How could there be, when the people who make up the movement are such insufferable narcissists?

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