Saturday, May 16, 2020

Is it OK to reopen?

To those calling it selfish and reckless to open:

You want a shutdown but expect your garbage to be picked up. You expect stores to be open with food and supplies. You expect farmers, packers and pickers to generate the supplies. You expect truck drivers to deliver them.

You expect Amazon to ship your packages while you sit at home. You expect the driver to leave it on your doorstep.

You expect your phone, cable and internet to work, and power to stay on. You expect your mail to show up, rain or shine.

You expect doctors and nurses to be available, although many have been furloughed.

The entire premise of shelter in place is based on the the idea that "others" must risk their health so you can protect yours. There is nothing virtuous about ordering your Amazon packages and making trip after trip to the store while claiming we need to stay shut down. And the new thing now is mask shaming, and roaming "deputies" spying on their fellow citizens to "encourage" social distancing.

It was once enough to flatten the curve. Yet officials don't want to give up their power and now want a vaccine or cure.

Even the United Nations now fears that the cure—the economic shutdown—could be worse than the disease, COVID-19. The U.N. warns that millions could starve (World Vision puts the number at 30 million children alone).

Using common sense, we can go back to life as it was. We can go to restaurants and get our hair cut. We could catch the virus, or any virus. We could catch the cold, even the flu. We take risks everyday. If you choose to stay home, that is your choice.

The rest of us do not want to see our economy crumble. If it collapses, so will every other economy worldwide. More people will die than Covid-19 and many other illnesses combined. If that happens, you will need to hide in your house.

Those that want to reopen do not want people to die. We want to take measures to protect our people and our country so people can live. We need to start the reopen in order to live.

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