Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Crazy is as crazy does

It seems that the Democrat party of JFK has long died. I used to vote for Democratic candidates if I thought they were the better choice. I was once recently told that politics and economics are different and to keep them separate. But, and here's a big but: Politics affect economics, and economics affect politics. Everything affects everything. I even have a text-book at home titled: "The Political Economics of the United States." 

I think this person in question, during an discussion on a local discussion board on the economic policies of running our local city, wanted to avoid politics because he was the president of the neighborhood democrat party. But the two are related.

Don't get me wrong. The Republicans have their own troubles, like being just plain old wimps. That's why I'm glad I live in Texas and don't have to register with either party to vote. 

So I get a lot of newsletters, and here's some samplings from the last day or so. In my mind, anyone who is thinking of voting for a democrat these days is either delusion, ignorant, or thinks they are going to get a lot of free stuff that the rest of us who actually work will have to pay for. Until we run out of money and we're all poor. 

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