Wall Street Wrap

Markets were up for the week. Stocks rallied as investors embraced signs of progress in the U.S.-China trade negotiations, with Pres. Trump saying a deal is close even as structural issues such as forced technology transfers and enforcement oversight remain unresolved.

The NASDAQ, represented by the EFT QQQ, did not form a new high. However, if you're invested, the trend indicates a hold. If you're in cash, I think that this is not the time to buy -- yet. Or if you are invested or are looking for opportunties, remember your risk management rules, and use stops. I added to my stock positions this month, buying Spark Energy (SPKE) and HollyFrontier (HFC).  SPKE is up 11.2 percent, while HFC is up 3.6 percent. I'm still 65 percent in cash and money markets.

The rally came despite data this week showing the first decline in U.S. industrial production in eight months and the largest monthly drop in U.S. retail sales in nearly a decade. Also showing weakness is the housing market. 

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