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Is college a good investment? Probably not

The fifth step (Baby Step 5 – College funding for childrento Dave Ramsey's Total Money Make Over is to save to pay for your children's college education. Is this a worthwhile goal? 

Our universities (and high schools) are quickly becoming bastions of censorship. It's unfortunate and a threat to our "way of life," whatever that may be. But the first amendment does not seem to rule supreme any more. Our true history is being over-written. 
Man on the street interviews done during the last election asked the question that Hillary Clinton wants to do away with the first amendment. The majority of students THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA.
More than one in three people (37%) could not name a single right protected by the First Amendment. THE FIRST AMENDMENT.
Only one in four [college students] (26%) can name all three branches of the government. (In 2011, 38% could name all three branches.)
Students at the University of Maryland, who pay up to a whopping $44,645 per year to attend, couldn’t identify Ronald Reagan after being shown a photo of him. 
At the University of California-Irvine, their legislative council voted to ban the American flag in their student government lobby, calling it “a weapon of imperialism” that doesn’t belong in an “inclusive space.”
A professor at Polk State College in Florida gave a student four zeroes in a row on essays – because she refused to write them in a way that would deny her Christian faith.
What do you value more—the economy or social justice?,” I asked a couple dozen students in my journalism class at Columbia College Chicago. “Social justice!” they collectively responsed like robots. There are no College Republicans here. There is no Turning Point USA. No one is inviting conservative speakers. (My note: while I know of no conservatives who are against "social justice," most people, liberal and conservative, had trouble defining it.")
Loyola University Chicago’s “Mission and Vision” is to be a “world-renowned urban center … that values freedom of inquiry.” In order to “protect and enhance” that “brand and reputation,” all faculty and staff are required to have any statements to any journalist — expressly including the student newspaper — pre-approved by a member of the university’s public relations staff.
The poll of 3,000 U.S. college students found that they generally endorse the ideals of free speech and campuses that encourage the discussion of a variety of ideas. But once that speech begins to infringe on their values, they’re likely to support policies that place limits on speech. Those include free-speech zones, speech codes and prohibitions on hate speech.

Other headlines:

Safe Spaces On College Campuses Are Creating Intolerant Students

Why ‘safe spaces’ at universities are a threat to free speech

One of the tenets for the communist manifesto was to take over the educational system. Seems they are on their way to success.  


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