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Politics is Downstream of Culture

Excerpts from an editorial by Nick Searcy, actor, director and writer:

The most overused quote in 21st Century conservative columns and speeches has got to be this one, and the reason it is so overused is that we have not addressed it to this day. As the late great Andrew Breitbart famously said, “Politics is downstream of culture.”

We have let the Hollywood Left define the culture for at least the last 50 years. We had already conceded academia to the leftists, and as a result of their long march through the institutions, we have an army of socialist youth that rally to socialist superstars like Bernie Sanders and AOC because of their sheer ignorance of the death cult that is socialism. But now, we have been given an opening...

We ceded academia to the Left 70 or so years ago, and they have been running up the score in our school systems and universities ever since. You can see the consequences of that at any Bernie Sanders rally. We now have a vast number of historically ignorant and poisoned college students who want to vote for an unashamed Communist, and who think Chernobyl, if they even watched it, is about Trump...

Now add the fact that nearly every bit of mainstream entertainment they consume reinforces the same ideas — Republicans are racist, Christians are hypocrites, progressives are compassionate, policemen are corrupt, real socialism has never been tried, America is evil and imperialist, etc. — and you have a societal problem among our younger generation that is a hell of a lot worse than vaping...

So stop fooling yourselves, conservatives, that they give a damn whether you watch their shows or not. They don’t. They are no longer making shows for a mass audience comprised of both left and right, Democrat and Republican. There aren’t any more MASHes or Andy Griffiths. They are making shows to impress each other, to prove that they are in the Club. Their next job is not going to come because the audience liked their show. It’s going to come from impressing the person above them in the food chain...

At their insufferable awards shows, the winners use their speeches not to thank anyone or show the slightest bit of gratitude, but to go on and on about how morally superior they are to you awful people sitting out there in your little pink houses ruining the planet by eating Doritos and watching NASCAR. They are intentionally sending this message to other artists: if you ever want an award, you better get in the No Trump Club. And if you want to make a movie that conservatives might like, you are OUT...

The Left never wants to win fair and square in the marketplace of ideas because they know they can’t. The Left’s intention is always to keep their opposition off the field and march down it unopposed. They throw the word “fascism” around, and they couldn’t define it if their next bloated government program depended on it. They try to silence anyone who disagrees with them, whether on campus or onscreen. They are the fascists, and that is why they call us that...

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