Friday, January 17, 2020

Random Thoughts

If it doesn't exist yet, politicians will create a new tax. For example, Maryland legislators want to tax online advertising. Can you think of anything that is not taxed?

The Atlantic Monthly says 2019 was the hottest year on record and the last decade was the hottest ever measured. But the Heartland Institute, which studies such data impartially, claims this data is cherry picked. For one thing, the term measured "means about 125 years." Climate changes are normally measured in much longer periods. And I'm pretty tired of the fear-mongers out there. If the climate is changing, let's take steps to adapt to it. The prospect of changing it to what we want are limited at best. I enjoy our current standard of living. I don't wish to go back to the middle ages, which is what the Green New Deal would do. Sorry Bernie.

Glacier National Park used to be adorned with signs warning tourists its precious natural treasures would be "gone by 2020." The new decade is here — and it turns out that some of the park's glaciers have actually increased in size, and 29 remain stubbornly unmelted.

Mike Bloomberg recently said that California should be the model for the rest of the country. It seems though, more people leave California than move there, so what happens if Mike gets elected President? He'd probably be less destructive than Sanders or Warren, but I'd be happy to let Trump have another term.

But so many people now base their decisions on who to vote for on personality. Otherwise very intelligent people are basing their decisions on this criteria alone. Sad. But we're in the age of electronic and social media. I heard this thread recently about a Dem candidate. Doesn't matter who. "He's so compassionate." Really? You don't know shit. And who gives a crap. I want someone in office who will get things done (the right things) and put our interests first.

The Democrats new hero, Lev Panas, a White House attorney, who says he has damaging information on Trump, was born in the USSR, and is facing criminal charges over illegal campaign contributions and other charges. It doesn't matter that his credibility sucks. Lefties such as Rachel Maddow are sucking up to him. Pathetic. After nearly 4 years, the Democrats still have nothing on Trump other than he beat them at their own game. 

I get too much email. I try to keep it to a minimum by unsubscribing to stuff, but it keeps coming. But I have subscriptions which keeps me informed on current news and investing information. So I have to drudge through it every day. What did we do before email?

I buy computers like I buy cars: Used. Or in computer terms, refurbished. I look for what they call Grade A refurbs. They are about 50% cheaper than a new one, and come with a 12-month warrenty. I currently have four refurbs in my house, and all are still working great. The only issue I had with one is a bad hard drive when I first started it up, and the company I bought it from replaced the drive for free. I get them from Joy Systems, via

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