Sunday, January 19, 2020

The Art of War, The Art of Trading

 ‘The Art of War / The Art of Trading’ by Dominik Stone

Rule Number 1:
Always wait for the setup: No Setup-No Trade
Easy, follow strictly designed plan of rules for entering any markets
Rule Number 2:
THE BEST trades work almost right away
Best placed trades, at correct prices, will simply accelerate in right direction
Rule Number 3:
Never take a big loss. If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right. Remove it!
Never allow losses to grow, cut them short if trade goes against you
Rule Number 4:
Always perfect your craft and sharpen your skills
Study, learn, search, practice — always
Rule Number 5:
Be patient with winning trades: Impatient with sketchy trades
Run winners and cut losers quick
Rule Number 6:
DISCIPLINE to follow your plan is the key to winning in trading
Follow your plan, always, never deviate
Rule Number 7:
Never get emotionally attached to trades
Emotions are in every trade, plan sizes correctly and stay detached
Rule Number 8:
Always trade with the size that makes you unemotional
If you can’t sleep at night your trade size is too large
Rule Number 9:
Keeps things very simple and don’t over-think your trading methods
Simplicity is the key, don’t overcomplicate your trading rules
Rule Number 10:
Stay humble at all times
Always… Psychology is everything.

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