We Need More Government Over Sight -- My Holiday Rant

Ah, Thanksgiving. Where many Americans don't have a clue what to be thankful for. Hey, try living in a third-world (or even second-world) country first.* Then you'll thank God you are an American, whether 8th generation or 1st. 

*Before you say I don't know what it's like to live in other countries (or even visit there) try Thailand, Panama (and not the beach), Turkey, Italy, Chile, Ecuador, etc...). I would add Germany, but there weren't third world when the wall came down in 1989, but they're getting there...). Try sitting on top of an M-113 in the jungle -- then have a little Thanks.  

Not to offend anyone, or even some, it is a holiday for families to come together. I have nothing wrong with that. Except for all the stories hear of the dreaded holidays spent with dysfunctional families. If yours isn't celebrate. Otherwise go to South Padre island. 

But back to my own rather nice get-together before the Turkey was served up, politics inadvertently came up -- my mistake to start a casual conversation -- as I was reading the Austin Statesmen American (or it is the American Statesmen? I really don't care, as I don't read the rag anyway.) But I let slip a quote from reprinted Political.com article about how Republicans want less government on  just about everything ... well can't remember which they wanted more or less of...probably something about Turkeys. 

I mentioned that Political.com was was a left-leaning publication, so it probably had some bias. 

"I'm a Democrat," says an attendee a the party, as if it was a badge of honor. Which answered most my questions.

"Oh. OK." Was my response. As far as I was concerned, end if story. But I had to ask: "So you believe in more government?" In reference to the article.

"I believe we must have government oversight."

"More oversight into what?"

"Consumer protection. We need more consumer protection."

"You do know I'm a Libertarian?"

"So you believe in not having any government," she stated. Statement, not question. 

"Or course we need government." But what more could I say? This very nice lady was so misinformed that I really didn't see the purpose of any future discussion, especially on T-Day. This supposedly well-education woman actually thought that being Libertarian meant no government. As if we're gun-toting red-necks from our compounds in the woods. 

Of course Libertarians believe in government, as the Constitution calls for it.  

But the morale of the story is that the average American is not very informed, nor do they have a long memories. It was just 10 to 15 years (2005) ago Republicans had congressional hearings about the need for more over-site on the housing market, namely Freddie and Fannie, but Democrats said no, "Everything is fine as long as poor people can buy homes they can't afford." 

We all know how that worked about. 

Even before then, almost every democrat wanted stronger enforcement on illegal immigration, and --- wait for it -- border walls, or I think they called them fences. I think they jumped the fence once they realized who those people were. Voters, and lots of them. 

But back to the story; she obviously believed that to vote Democrat was to protect the consumer. Believe me, Barack Obama, Nancy People, and Chuck Shumer don't give a shit about you. Nor does Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell. Nor does that new socialist from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s, who only cares where her first rent check is coming from, since she actually hasn't had a real job yet. (Sorry to you food servers, I didn't mean it like that.)

These people don't stand for you. They stand for power. And how to keep their power. They'll do anything to get re-elected. Doesn't matter which party they belong to. Shake up their system and they get pissed (oops, along comes Trump.) 

In future posts I may point out some these glaring facts, if you have a mind to read them. They do affect your net worth. You believe what you believe and you're not going to change that unless it affects you, your family or your pocketbook -- and try to tell me differently.

In the meantime, we'd better start getting ready for tomorrow's markets, because that affects my pocket book. And if you're along the for the ride, it affects yours. 

But please read my disclaimer first (in the upper right) about not being able to provide any "legal" advice. That's the politicians protecting their "rights" to provide that advice. Like I'd believe them. So screw the politicians. You know they have a rule for everything, including how you're supposed to apply your mailing label on a package. Look it up.

So now comes the next "holiday." Spend, spend, spend, Keep the economy growing. You do know that Jesus was born in the spring?

In the meantime, be nice to each other.


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