Friday, November 30, 2018

TV: What a Waste of Time

At least is was somewhat entertaining. Normally for lunch I'll turn on a re-run of Big Bang or Last Man Standing, or some such trash, for some good laughs -- or at least lighten the day.
At least Jon Stewart was funy
At least Jon Stewart was funny. 
Today, it was the talking heads on Fox Business and CNBC. I want their job. Basically they all had to say the same thing. "This might happen...But then this might happen... But then it might not...And if this happens, who knows?" Just from three guys and gals, who are supposedly "experts" in their field. 

Guess what they concluded? Markets would close up, not much change, or a small rally at the close in anticipation of this weekend's meeting. They were a third correct. Pretty good, thirty-percent odds. (It closed with a very small rally, except for the last 30 minutes. Oops)

Rich (or wealthy, or the well-off, or happy, or successful)  people don't watch TV. Ask Gates or Buffet. RAFB. 

Now, I want to know how to I apply for a job where I really don't know what is going to happen? I could easily do this.

Even our weather forecaster has a better idea, though not much. Today was supposed to be sunny. Guess what? 

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