Sunday, November 3, 2019

Weekly Update from Ken Moraif

When Ken speaks, I listen. He changed my entire investment philosophy many years ago (2009) and my portfolio has doubled in size.

Below is his weekly video update. You can sign up for his market alerts, which are free on his website: Retirement Planners of America. He also has a weekly podcast, which is basically his radio show that airs in select markets (Dallas, Austin, Phoenix).

I also highly recommend his book: Buy, Hold, and Sell.

Note: I have visited both his Dallas office (for a comprehensive portfolio review) and his Austin office, now that I've moved from the frigid warrens of DFW for the tropical climate of Austin. I found their approach to managing clients to be a relaxed, non-pressured environment with ethical-driven concerns for their clients. I am not currently a client, because I was told by an advisor that he couldn't do anymore for me than was doing for myself. That's honesty. I'm sure at some point in the future I will become a client. 

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